Sunday, November 19, 2017

Farmhouse Bench

Custom made farmhouse bench from a four poster bed. It's a beautiful dark grey color with slight white and wood showing through the shabby areas. This bench is very solid, sturdy, and well made! It will look just beautiful in front of your home or inside your entryway! 

Measures approx ~ 62" W x 22" D x 35" H at tallest point 

Local pick up in Valencia California 

Asking ~ $285

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This item has SOLD! Thanks! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Antique Bedroom Set

For sale is a gorgeous vintage twin bed, vanity, side table, and 2 chairs. 

This shabby farmhouse set will look amazing in a girls room or guest bedroom!

Asking ~ $545 for all (decor bedding not included) 

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This set has SOLD! Thanks! 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Eyesore to cute pony wall

So our current rental has handicapped rails and ramps... They are ugly and annoying, but that's why this place was much cheaper than others in our area! One of the railings is right off the front door and separates the playroom/family room. We bought 2 bead board panels and a top piece of wood and cut them to size. We used this double sided thick and squishy tape stuff and attached it all to the metal railing. It will all be super easy to remove once we move out, whenever that is. 

Here's a picture of one side of the panel on because I forgot a true before one. Then the cute after pics! 

Old ladder repurposed

I found this cool old ladder. It had a broken leg and couldn't function as a ladder again so I cut it up and used different parts for free farmhouse and fall decor! 

I hung one part of it from the ceiling and put fall leaves and pumpkins. I will have fun decorating it for each season! Another part of the ladder I put a magnolia leaf wreath on it and it looks so cute on the wall! 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bathroom Shelf Refresh

I found the perfect little shelf to fit on top of our bathroom vanity, but it just needed some jazzing up. I cut the base piece that stick out so I could make it flush to add molding. I also added top moldings, filled in the adjustable holes, and painted it all a fresh white. Now it fills up the vertical space even better and looks way cuter! 



After - please ignore my messy closet background!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

30 Minute Serving Tray

Our giant fabric ottoman needed not only visual interest, but function. We can't place a cup on the fabric without it tipping so this will be nice to have! I took a wood sign with fun lines and beautiful matching handles to make it. I painted it a layer of old ochre and a layer of French linen, distressed and waxed it then added the handles and done! It only took about 30 mins and I love how it turned out! 



Sunday, September 24, 2017

Drab to Farm Fab Kitchen

In our rental we don't have a dining room, just an eat in kitchen. It's a small space, but I found a perfect farmhouse dining table for $100! I also added some pretty drapes and put up a fun collage on the wall. It all really makes the bland cave of a kitchen before into a cute space. 

Fall Halloween Decorating

I know it isn't even October yet, but we got a new (to us) entertainment center and I was decorating it anyway and I didn't want to redo it a week later. So here's my Halloween Fall Farmhouse!! 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Another dresser makeover

This one is for the second oldest. She also has a very modern simple style, but I got this dresser for a good deal so she got to pick the color and she didn't like the mirror so we took that off. She has white and grey with a bunch of pops of different colors in her room. It is also turning out so pretty! 

The before picture to me looks like palm trees for handles lol. I tried to take the wooden flower accents over the knobs off, but they were super glued and nailed and just aren't ever coming off! It still turned out pretty cute! 


Friday, September 8, 2017


Our oldest picked this nightstand out and was very excited for the open cubby to fit books! When I picked it up, it was a cream color so I painted it a pure white to match the room. It looks so pretty next to her bed! 


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dresser redo for the oldest girls room!

We sold our house in June and only just got in a rental 2 weeks ago. I told both big girls that they can design and decorate their rooms. It's fun to see how their taste and styles have changed over the years! Our oldest decided on a white, navy, and grey room. She has a simplistic clean style and picked out this tall dresser. I had to fix one of the legs, fill a ton of small gouges, and clean it. I painted it a nice crisp white and replaced the knobs with brushed nickel. It turned out so pretty in her room! I still have her nightstand to paint, her desk to be delivered, and get final touches. I will post pictures once their rooms are finished. 



Thursday, August 10, 2017

Custom Chicken Coop Sign

I made this cute sign for a great client. I found this really cool old drawer front with a handle. I turned it upside down and filled the handle with cute garden items and added the message. It looks much cuter in person, but she was thrilled so that's what matters! 


Monday, June 12, 2017

Cute Desk And Chair

For sale is a lovely buttermilk yellow desk with chair. It has lovely glass knobs and charm that doesn't end! 

Asking ~ $110

This item has SOLD! Thanks!

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Repurposed Coca Cola Crate

I added these cool legs to this Coca Cola Crate for a unique little table or planter box! 


Balloon Back Chair

For sale is a lovely antique balloon back chair with faux cow print upholstered seat. This piece will go great with any home decor. 

Asking  ~ $69

This item has SOLD! Thanks!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Small Paver Space

We had some pavers left from our giant paver project a long time ago. They have just been sitting in stacks all this time so I thought why not make a cute little space to put a bench. I added silk plants to get an idea, but will get real plants Friday. 


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Master Shower Update

The silver spaceship is gone and replaced with a beautiful oil rubbed bronze shower neck and fancy rain shower head. The shower neck is great because it raises the existing low plumbing. I used rustolium oil rubbed bronze paint for the nozzles and bottom drain plate. I then added a matching storage caddy and it all looks so much better! 



Saturday, March 18, 2017

Repurposed Retro Mailbox

My Aunt loved the mailbox I made for my mom a while back, so I made one special for her. I took a vintage breadbox that already had hinges for the lid and added a finial on top. I then made a fun base out of 4x4's and added corbels and wood accents down the middle for charm and character! Finally some paint and light stressing and I think it turned out really fun and cute! 



Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trailer Remodel!

I started the trailer makeover a long time ago, and am happy to say I'm finally finished! I have painted the walls and cabinets, added a little backsplash, redone the floors, re caulked the entire exterior of the trailer, did a special roof coating and the resilult is just awesome! It took a 2004 dated trailer into an up to date look. It is for sale now and hope it sells fast!