Wednesday, October 10, 2018

French Farmhouse inspired chairs

Selling a set of 5 gorgeous antique French farmhouse inspired chairs. They have received a stunning makeover to bring them back to your dining table! They are pure white with beautiful new fabric and fun nailhead and bracket details! 

These were from an estate auction in New England and have the original furniture manufacturer information. 

Asking ~ $225 for all 5, wow that’s only $45 a chair! Selling only as a set

Measure at ~ 37 1/2” high with seat height of 18”, top back is 16” wide and seat is 18 1/2” wide x 17 1/2” deep.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fall, Pumpkins, and Gingham oh my!

I am on a gingham kick and loving it in my home! I also LOVE Fall time and have started with pumpkin decorations. 
  Today we opened the new Christmas tree we ordered and set it up to make sure all the lights worked. I’m crazy and decided to decorate the tree with pumpkins and ribbon. I love my Fall tree! 

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Cute vanity

Selling a fun white and coral vanity desk with gold pulls. 

4 drawers and one false drawer that’s the vanity mirror opening. It’s in good shape, but is made in China so it’s priced at $95.

Measures 50” long x 19” deep x 31” high

Cross posted

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Friday, September 7, 2018

Kitchen Breakfast Bar

I had dinner with my family the other day at our new friends house. She actually lives across the street and has the same exact house as we do. I never really liked the kitchen in my new home, even though it's huge and has more storage than I could have ever hoped for. It's just kind of a strange shape. With that said, my friend refaced her cabinets to those beautiful shaker white cabinets and she has these super pretty countertops. When I saw her GORGEOUS kitchen it took me a few seconds to realize it was the same as mine, but new and fresh! So it gave me hope that one day I could actually love my kitchen! She also added a breakfast bar when she replaced her countertops. I got to see how great extending it looked in the space so I got the idea to add a small countertop extention just under our current countertop. Since we don't have the budget to do all new counters, this was my solution. This project cost me about $100 and it looks so pretty! Can't wait for the barstools to get here! 


After pics!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Small change, big impact!

Our laundry door that goes to the exterior side yard has a window. It's small, but let's in tons of heat. The previous owner had some weird paper taped up and I found these roman shades at Lowes on sale, plus I had a coupon. For about $25 it was a great deal, looks beautiful, and keeps the heat out. 



Monday, September 3, 2018

The fireplace mantle and built in are done!

So a while back I posted how I got this built in for FREE and it fit almost perfectly! Well now I've added moldings and shiplap to the ceiling and a simple fireplace mantle surround. It looks so amazing, I'm totally in LOVE!! And can y'all believe this gorgeous focal point in the room cost us less than $100!! 

Before (I added panel inserts in the top cabinets and removed the speaker mesh that was there)

Progress, but still lacking 


Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Hall Bath Update

Since the day my mom moved in with us she's hated the hall bathroom floor! It's the bathroom she uses the most and she deserves to like it! The existing tile is some strange matte finish that is close to nails on the chalkboard (for me it's biting into an apple, I know super randomly weird) when you walk on it.
 So she came to me and said I will pay for the flooring if you change it for me! I used peel n stick wood looking vinyl before on a Toy Hauler trailer we had and I thought it would be the perfect easy and pretty stuff to put down! So for about $40 I was able to transform the bathroom with paint, moldings, and flooring! I still need to finish painting the vanity and caulk the moldings, but overall you get the gorgeous picture. And mom is in love with it!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Downstairs bathroom mini makeover

So the only bathroom downstairs was ok, but all our guests use it and it was a bit funky. When everyone commented to me how strange it was, I knew I had to do something and it wasn't just me thinking it was weird!
 The previous owners decided to take metallic spray paint to the counter and faucet... it looked like a diy gone terribly wrong! We were considering taking out the counters, but then I'd want a different vanity oh and new floors while I'm at it and maybe get a more water efficient toilet and what the heck just redo the shower from that plastic surround to those gorgeous subway tiles! 
Well that thought process brought me back to maybe I can just find a way to get this paint off since we have no money for a big bathroom renovation! So I found this product that you spray and let it sit for about 30 mins and the scrape with a plastic putty knife. I tell you it worked better than I could have ever imagined! 

Overall the cost for painting the walls a new color, the baseboard trim, a chrome towel bar and toilet paper bar, painting the vanity cabinet, and the can of paint remover was less than $100 and it's a pretty big difference! We are so happy with the counters back to how they were originally! 

Partially through process

While paint remover was doing its magic 


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Simple Garage Door Refresh

I did the garage door in our other house with these pretty accents. They make such a difference and add so much character to a plain garage that I added them to our new place.  Also since our garage doesn't have any windows I found these magnets that you add to make look like windows. For under $50 The garage door has such a cute factor now! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Decorating the walls!

I have quite a bit of decorations and I love how the home comes together with my combination of Farmhouse, Victorian, cottage, industrial, etc style decor!! Here's a really cool chippy shutter that I got for $10 and painted "country kitchen". I put it in the hallway to the kitchen because it was so big it wouldn't fit anywhere else. Here are some pics of my decorating around the house. 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Living room sectional

So for the last month and a half I've been looking on the Facebook marketplace, offer up, Craigslist, and garage sales daily for a sectional that would fit in a specific spot in our not so deep living room. Every single time I found one that would work and got so excited, it was already sold or pending pick up. It was getting super annoying not being able to get first dibs on one of these sectionals! Finally on Friday I messaged a lady and it was available! I got right on it and told my husband that he didn't have a say in the couch at this point that he has to deal with how it looks and the fact that is has a chaise. (We ideally didn't want one because the room isn't that deep, but I was desperate to have seating in this room) So I pay the lady and start loading it up when I realize how dirty this thing really is and there's dog hair all over it and now my clothes... gross! It was so bad that I was not taking it into my clean home so we left it on the driveway that night. The next morning I took my handy dandy upholstery cleaner and vacuum and went to town! I vacuumed it first then cleaned it and vacuumed again after it was dry for good measure. It took me 6 hours!!!! I had to clean every side of every cushion 3 to 4 times until the water changed from brown to clear! I couldn't believe that a medium grey couch could hide that much dirt!! For only $300 and some sweat equity it was all worth it because it's nice and clean now and looks great in the space plus it's so wonderful to be able to sit comfortably in the room! 
I added some cute pillows and voila! 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Farmhouse Hall Tree

Selling a gorgeous Pottery Barn hall tree that has been painted and distressed for that perfect Farmhouse Shabby Chic look! 

This piece is super quality and heavy, but the mirror can be taken off for easier transport. Also the bottom has 4 adjustable leveling feet. There are 4 strong hooks and a great cupboard on the bottom with a removable shelf. 

Asking ~ $245

This Item has SOLD! Thanks!

Measures ~ 28" wide x 19 1/4" deep x 75 1/4" tall

Smoke free and pet free home 

Decor not included 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Pair of Drexel Nightstands

For sale is a pair of matching Drexel quality wood nightstands. They have been painted with farmhouse inspired white and greys. They each have a drawer and cabinet space to tuck your items away. This set is quality and heavy. 

Asking ~ $195 for pair

Measures ~ 16" deep x 24 3/4" wide x 25 1/2" high. 

Smoke free home

Decor not included 

This set has SOLD! Thanks!

Boho Farmhouse Table Set

For sale is a very versatile table set! It is a great compact size, perfect for a studio apartment or small eat in kitchen. It could also be used as a fabulous desk or bistro set on your front or back patio. This table has unique carvings on all 4 sides of all 4 legs so this table looks beautiful from every angle! 

It's been painted for a whitewashed look and the top kept original to boast its rustic farmhouse look. The chairs are also included and are the perfect size to fit with this table. One is an antique Windsor chair with very cool spindle details and the other is a vintage pie chair with a hard to find design on the seat! 

This set is a one of a kind piece for your home!

Table/Desk measures ~ 26 1/2" deep x 27 1/2" wide x 28 3/4" high. 

Asking $175

Smoke free home

Decor not included

This set has SOLD! Thanks!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Vintage Full Size Iron Bed Set

Selling a gorgeous vintage full bed with mattress, antique quilt, and nightstands. The bed comes with a headboard, footboard, side rails, wood slats, a custom plywood piece covered in fabric in place of a box spring, and a comfortable full mattress! So much is included for a great price! 

Bed with mattress $195

Antique quilt $55

Nightstands $125

Smoke feee home

Decor not included

All items have SOLD! Thanks!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Built in progress

Here's the progress on the built in niche we have in the new house. It was just an empty recessed area before and I scored this FREE entertainment center thatwas custom built for another ladies niche and she was upgrading here and giving this one away! It fit almost perfect in our recessed area! I could hardly believe the luck! I added 3 1/2" wood pieces that I've been using for the new door trim. I'm really happy with how it's turning out. It will look so amazing once I paint the whole thing white! 

Here's how it looked before the trim was added. 

After trim and baseboards 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Master closet under way!

So there's two reasons why I'm super excited about my new master closet. Other than the fact that's it's huge! There was this perfect recessed area screaming for a dresser to build in. I really was struggling to find one that would fit the length and the depth. Finally I found one that was pretty beat up, but I got it for $20. Normally I wouldn't have even spent that much on a dresser that was so plain and needed that much work, but this one just fit the space so perfect that I went for it. After fixing it, painting it, and adding knobs, it was less than $100 to have a custom built in dresser. The knobs were the expensive part of the project, but I just had to have the pretty bling! 
The second exciting part of this beautiful closet is these organizers that I got for FREE!! Yes someone living only 8 mins away was redoing their closet and giving these away!! I rushed over there and it took 3 trips with the van, but well worth it! I set them up how they will work best for us. I'm not done, I still have to finish the base molding, put up some clothes hanging rods, and eventually do crown molding, but it's really coming along! Here are some progress pics! 

The wall had a horrific amount of holes I had to patch!